CIPSEC 4th Newsletter – Christmas 2018

From our last Newsletter, on March 2018, new milestones and new dissemination actions have been successfully achieved. At this stage of the project we have accomplished most of the objectives and goals proposed at the beginning of the project. A brief report of the main achievements of CIPSEC emphasizing into the dissemination and the technical aspects of the work that has been performed.




Identifying Security Risks by Conducting Vulnerability Assessments

Thousands of security vulnerabilities are discovered every year in software, systems and IT infrastructures. Attackers exploit these vulnerabilities to penetrate the communications networks of organizations and gain access to critical assets for the purpose of harming confidentiality, integrity and availability of data or systems

Cyber-security in Healthcare

What does it come to your mind when you hear talking about hackers? Probably your first thoughts focus on breaking passwords and damaging a webpage or a computer. Maybe you think about the idea of stealing bank details in order to make money. You are right, but it is not common to relate cyber-security to healthcare when, actually, it is one of the most important targets of hackers.

CIPSEC presented at the EU-Rail ISAC Meeting in Frankfurt

The CIPSEC project was invited to give a presentation in the context of the EU-Rail ISAC Meeting held at Deutsche Bahn premises in Frankfurt. This meeting counted on the participation of representatives from DB Netz AG, Bane Danmark, EIM Rail, Infrabel, SBB, the Swiss Rail Administration, European Commission, ENISA, ERA, Hit Rail, BaneNOR, Finish Railways, Slovenia Railways and ProRail.