Successfull presentation of CIPSEC in the ICT 2018

On December 4-5, CIPSEC was present in ICT 2018 event in Wien, sharing he IoT Security and Privacy booth (C-15, hall X4) with 6 more cybersecurity related projects.

The consortium had the opportunity, in one of the major events in Europe organized by the European Commission, to demonstrate the features of the CIPSEC framework developed in the context of the project.

The audience of this type of events is very heterogeneous and we prepared in advance some actions to attract the interest to the project:

  • The project was promoted with a new flyer with completely updated information.
  • We showed in a screen in the booth the last videos of the project, the CIPSEC motivation with cartoons, and the updated CIPSEC presentation.
  • We prepared a prototype of the CIPSEC framework which we brought to Wien to demonstrate it. This prototype is almost a final version, and it has been a great opportunity to speed up and make progress to the final CIPSEC framework prototype to be deliver on April 2019.
  • Different scenarios and attacks showing the functionalities of either each one of the tools or the whole framework were scheduled during the two days of meeting. Some of these scenarios and attacks were:
    • Network Discovery of service and bruteforce attacks against chosen service. Detection feature of CIPSEC
    • Jamming attack simulation and detection by CIPSEC
    • Malware insertion by USB device, blocking and detection by CIPSEC
    • DoS attack and detection of consequent CPU overload by CIPSEC
    • Attacks targeting data integrity and detection by CIPSEC
    • Identitiy Access Management by CIPSEC
    • CIPSEC Threat and incident data anonymization for sharing with external entities.

Fruit of this preparation CIPSEC had a great success and aroused great interest among ICT 2018 visitors.

  • The EU Commission visited our booth and the main achievements of the project were briefly exposed, as well as the synergies with the rest of project in the booth.
  • We got good feedback from the rest of projects in the IoT Security and Privacy booth.
  • We had a lot of visitants, interested in both the whole CIPSEC framework as well as some of the individual solutions.