• Profile:

    Empelor with its development sites in Switzerland, in Germany and in Crete is operating successfully in highly sensitive IT Security markets since many years. The company develops products and solutions that make mobile communication and transaction processes safer in a way which provides the best user experience.

    Empelor enters into collaborations and partnerships with service providers who make use of mobile communication infrastructures. Empelor’s mission is to deliver solutions to its partners which come with the best technologies to resist all known and potential attack vectors.

    Empelor never takes a technical risk and prefers to cooperate with business partners who pursue a similar philosophy.

  • Project role:

    Within CIPSEC, Empelor will contribute to the prevention of unauthorized access to virtual and physical resources by individuals or entities through the use of secure electronic signatures. Empelor’s product Secocard can be used both as a security token and as a secure messaging device.

    In particular, access to both physical and virtual resources of critical infrastructures need to be restricted to authorized individuals and entities with the necessary security clearance. Secocard’ s patent protected architecture can enable the device to be both a smartcard and in parallel act as a smart card reader. The Secocard device will provide secure and incorruptible authorization, authentication and audit capabilities for any entity trying to gain access. In the case of physical access, Secocard interoperates directly with specific access control mechanisms.

    The identity and privileges information secured in Secocard can be managed and updated in a safe way through any of its communication interfaces like Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth and USB.

    In addition to the above, Secocard can contribute to the CIPSEC project by providing the means for secure messaging between critical infrastructure individuals and entities.

  • Contact points: Dr. Paschalis Papagrigoriou
    • Role: CIPSEC R&D Management for EMPELOR
    • email: papagrigoriou@empeloros.com
    Panagiotis Sifniadis
    • Role: CIPSEC Organisational Management for EMPELOR
    • email: sifniadis@empelor.com