D6.1 Project management strategy: Project Handbook

  • Summary:

    CIPSEC is a complex project in terms of both the structure of the Consortium and the workflow between the partners. Because of that, management, coordination and quality assessment issues should be detailed as much as possible. This deliverable, D6.1 Project Handbook, describes CIPSEC approach of implementing an appropriate management and quality assessment framework, addressing general issues regarding project structure, organization, and control, partner responsibilities as well as specific guidelines about internal procedures, risk assessment and communication mechanisms.

    - Describe the innovation framework. - Monitor the progress of the work and overall project status on a regular basis. - Facilitate decision-making and conflict resolution. - Identify, assess, mitigate, and communicate potential risks and relevant issues during the project lifecycle. - Detail how and when the documentation or software has to be exchanged by the Consortium partners. - Set editorial standards for project document contents and guidelines to ensure the quality of the project outputs.

    This document will function as a manual and reference document for the project partners to reach a common understanding of project procedures in order to efficiently execute it with the maximum quality, so that technical, societal and scientific project objectives can be achieved.