D5.3 CIPSEC Annual report on exploitation dissemination and standardization (Year 2)


This deliverable will report the activities developed in task T5.1, T5.2 and T5.3 of WP5 about exploitation, dissemination and standardization activities during the second year of the project. It is an update of previous deliverable D5.2 [1], where we reported the activities for the first year. Besides, at the end of the deliverable we outline the activities planned for third year.

Regarding exploitation activities, the main achievements during this second year have been:

  • Update of the Definition of the backbone of the joint exploitation strategy.
  • Definition of the free version of CIPSEC and the products and services it will propose.

Regarding dissemination activities, the main goals during the second year are:

  • Established collaboration with 5 more projects, having in total 10 collaborations with related projects.
  • Two organized workshops and a training session.
  • 14 conference articles presented (1 conference paper accepted but not yet presented), 1 journal article published (1 more accepted but not yet published) and 1 press release.
  • 2 Newsletters.
  • More than 10 scientific and/or industrial events attended.
  • 11 brief CIPSEC presentations in industrial and scientific events.
  • Update of the CIPSEC poster and project presentation slides.
  • Increase of 143 followers in Twitter and 107 connections on LinkedIn.
  • 12 CIPSEC blog entries published.
  • Registered people on the website: 75
  • Presentation to the Advisory Board of the main outcomes of the project during the first year and to the reviewers in the project review meeting, in this case outcomes of the first 18 months.

Finally, regarding the standardization activities:

  • The work in standardization committees has been continued.
  • A liaison with IEC and ETSI has been established through the Advisory Board.