D5.1 Dissemination plan and market analysis

  • Summary:

    This deliverable describes the initial planning of CIPSEC consortium in relation to dissemination, impact creation, and exploitation activities in the frame of the project. As far as dissemination is concerned, all results of CIPSEC will be used to raise the citizens’ awareness about CIPSEC results, paying special attention to target groups and the research community as a whole, with the active involvement of all the partners. These deliverable reports about the planned dissemination activities, which will be progressively executed in the coming months, in particular technical events, conferences and printing of different dissemination materials. The details are given in the dissemination plan presented in Section 3. Standardization activities have been considered a part of the exploitation activities. This document covers a preliminary plan to be extended in Deliverable 5.2. Consolidated technical results will be available only after year 2 and 3 and they will be then exploited according to the provisions of this deliverable. The updates to the initial plan as well as detailed reports on the already-implemented standardization activities will be given in the next reports. Finally, and concerning exploitation, it should be pointed out that these activities have a long-term nature and they will be driven by the availability of mature results and the validation of the use cases planned for the next year. CIPSEC is in an early phase, and this planning document seeks to ensure that the activities are properly scheduled according to the provisions of the Grant Agreement, providing unambiguous guidelines to the partners when the results are available - specifically those from the prototype field trials. Besides, a clear analysis of the today market situation is provided, and the main CIPSEC competitors are clearly identified.