D4.1 Trial scenario definitions and evaluation methodology specification

This deliverable, entitled “Trial scenario definitions & evaluation methodology”, focuses on the detailed description and definition of test scenarios that show the performance and the capabilities of the CIPSEC framework as well as on a methodology for the evaluation and validation of the results. In addition, in this document an initial planning of the CISEC framework deployment is performed that will be further refined in next WP4 deliverables and especially D4.4. The work described in this document has been accomplished in the context of T4.1.

The main points addressed in this document can be summarized as follows:

  • Establish a common and systematic way of describing test scenarios.
  • Adopt a methodology used to evaluate test results and the effectiveness of the CIPSEC framework.
  • Describe composite test scenarios that cover a wide range of the CIPSEC framework capabilities.

This deliverable is the first deliverable of WP4 and a starting point towards validating the benefits and protection provided by the developed CIPSEC framework. Each one of the WP4 deliverables is a step towards D4.4 where the whole solution will be assessed in a real-world environment. In the next deliverables the final adjustments will be performed, turning the CIPSEC framework into a close to market solution running on real operational scenarios.