D3.8 CIPSEC Intra / Inter dependencies Analysis Report

The D3.4 deliverable analyzes the cascading effect concept and what are the inter and intra dependencies inside the three pilots used in the CIPSEC project. An academic definition of cascading effects has been pointed out and the salient architectural features of the three pilots are indicated.

Starting from the collection of pilot information and CIPSEC partner applications, the D3.8 tries to identify some non-secondary aspects, that had not been considered in the D3.4 document, of critical infrastructure functions such as dependability described as the measure of some features including security.

The use of the agent-based model or ABM investigation tool is also proposed, deploying realistic scenarios of events that can intervene on critical infrastructures seen as Complex Adaptive System.

Finally, with the use of the Netlogo application, a programmable agent-based modeling environment, a cyberattack using virus is simulated using different initial conditions. This simulation can be traced back to the principle of securing critical infrastructures that the CIPSEC framework wants to make more reliable and secure.

The collection of information deriving from the analysis of Inter and Intra dependencies will be one of the bases for the definition of pilot tests before and after the adoption of CIPSEC solutions.

The use of a simulation system through an Agent Base Model contributes to enrich the hypotheses on the possible evolution with respect to, for example, the adoption of an antivirus. The same could be replicated taking into consideration each individual solution and analyzing its behavior and effects. However, we must consider the passive and / or active nature of the solutions adopted.