D3.1 Preliminary Pilot I integration Incident Discovery and Response for Railway Use Case


In the CIPSEC project D3.1 aims at a preliminary integration of the CIPSEC framework to a CI of the railway domain. DB and the according solution and service providers do this implementation. The preliminary integration will be shown in this deliverable.

The railway domain is under a heavy regulation according to safety, due to this fact every system has to be developed according to well-established safety development lifecycles. Afterwards the systems have to be admitted by the National Safety Authority – hardware, firmware, software and even the configuration may be part of the admission. Due to this, a change to signalling components has to be well planned and non-interference with the admited parts has to be proved.

Typical elements of a signalling system are an operation centre, which is a control room with several workstations, an interlocking system, a Maintenance and Data Management (MDM) system and connections to the object controllers located at the filed elements. Communication channels between operating centre and interlocking system are secured by KISA-modules.

The planned features of the CIPSEC framework are currently in preparation for the roll-out in the testing facilities of DB Netz near Darmstadt – the Eisenbahnbetriebsfeld Darmstadt. By now the testing facilities are enhanced to include the computers hosting the CIPSEC solutions. Besides some of the protocols of the next generation interlocking systems are developed and integrated into these testing facilities to enable a test of CIPSEC with state-of-the-art railway designs.