D2.4 CIPSEC Services Integration on the Unified Architecture


This deliverable focuses on the detailed description of the services conceived at the beginning of the project to be integrated into the CIPSEC architecture, and how each of them will interact with other elements (products, services and users) in the complete framework.

At the top-most level, the document describes how each service is structured, the scope and the expected output, as well as the requirements to operate them in an optimal way to provide the desired functionality. Efforts have been made to go beyond an individual service approach, trying to establish synergies among the different elements of CIPSEC, providing a holistic view of the solution developed in the frame of the project.

Besides the deliverable preliminary explores, when possible at this stage of the CIPSEC development, the expected business strategy associated with each service, which should be a basis for establishing a joint business model for CIPSEC as a whole. Full details will be provided in the deliverables linked to WP5.

Special mention must be made to “Training”. Since the development of these activities are being implemented in parallel to the EU action, a first approach to the future service which should run once CIPSEC becomes a solution is firstly envisaged and described here. The final description of the Training service will be completed by the end of the project.