D2.3 CIPSEC Products integration on the Unified Architecture


The current deliverable reflects the activities of Task 2.2 where each security product that is brought to the project evolves into a solution that is part of an integrated framework dedicated to Critical infrastructure environment with highly competitive potentials in the relevant market. The task involves activities that each security solution partner undertakes in order to achieve technical excellence and innovation that will enable him to achieve market benefits in comparison with other similar products. The task is closely associated with T2.1 where the CIPSEC architecture is described and realized but also with T2.3 where the CIPSEC services are described and innovative features are added to them. So, D2.3 reports all the above action results in the form of a security solution innovation roadmap per product leading to technical and market excellence but also in the form of expected security solution innovation roadmap to be taken during the integration of the security solutions in the overall CIPSEC framework.

The deliverable is structured in 5 sections. In the introduction (section 2) the overall rational behind the Deliverable structure is presented and an overview of what the reader’s expectations should be in the rest of the manuscript is made. In section 3 the innovations that are realized in each solution are presented and analysed in terms of technical excellence. This reporting involves both individual innovations (associated individually to each solution) but also potential innovations that may exist when integrating each solution to the overall CIPSEC framework. In section 4, an overview of existing commercial products related to CIPSEC security products is made and then the market benefits each security solution achieves due to their innovations in comparison to existing similar commercial solution in the market is made. Finally, section 5 concludes the deliverable.