D2.1 CIPSEC System Design


This document reports the work carried out to deliver the first inputs and guideline for the design of the CIPSEC Framework. This work is accomplished in the context of the design task (T2.1). It takes as a starting point the pilot providers’ security requirements and the security blocks definition, both delivered in M6 - October 2016 in deliverable D1.2. Moreover, the preliminary business study, conducted in D5.1 (M6 – October 2016) has influenced the contributions of this deliverable.

The main takeaways of the document are enumerated below:

  • Explanation of the components of the CIPSEC Framework, clearing what the features are per each solution. The explanation is made based on both functional and technical point of view.
  • Matching of the pilots’ security requirements and how CIPSEC solutions cover them.
  • Presentation of the CIPSEC innovation roadmap, considering the main assets that will be included in the design of CIPSEC, addressing the requirements and following the cornerstone ideas which gave birth to the project.
  • Introduction of the CIPSEC services that will support the proposed technical solutions, to enable their reliable and high quality operations.

D2.2 (due M18, October 2017) will document the first internal design of the CIPSEC Framework, with details of the architecture, delivery mode/s, and connectivity of all the related components, taking as a starting point the solutions features documented in this deliverable. Related deliverables D2.3 (CIPSEC products integration on the Unified Architecture) and D2.4 (CIPSEC services integration on the Unified Architecture) are also due at M18 (October 2017), and will use the current deliverable as a starting point.