D1.3 Report on taxonomy of the CI environments

  • Summary:

    CIPSEC proposes a security framework for Critical Infrastructures (CI). Partners contributing security solutions will demonstrate the added value of their solutions when applied on the Critical Infrastructures that are provided by the respective pilot partners. Pilot partners include the Health, Transportation, and Environment CI domains. Deliverable D1.3 “Report on taxonomy of the CI environments”, presents a taxonomy on Critical Infrastructures in general as well as their major cyber security related issues. Specifically, the report:

    - Identifies CI domains as defined by various national and other reports. - Identifies commonalities and differences among the various CIs. - Presents the interdependencies of the various CI domains.

    The sources used to compile the document clearly present that CIs are suffering from many external and internal threats. CIs are more and more relied upon by new ICT technologies to improve efficiency and increase productivity. This has increased the attack surface of our systems and services for malicious users. The report presents each CIs requirements for additional security measures at various levels.