D1.2 Report on Functionality Building Blocks

  • Summary:
    This deliverable is focused on the elicitation and analysis of the requirements associated to CIPSEC pilots. The
    elicitation and analysis process comprises the following steps:

    - STEP 1: Detailed description of the characteristics of project’s pilot domains: health, transport, and environment.
    - STEP 2: Elicitation of the requirements associated with every domain based on the characteristics identified in step 1.
    - STEP 3: Analysis of the security aspects associated with the elicited requirements.
    - STEP 4: Aggregation and classification of the requirements based on common features.
    - STEP 5: Identification of the high level blocks of the CIPSEC security framework that will be extended and detailed in WP2.

    The following sections 3 to 5 describe the steps 1, 2 and 3 of this process, while section 6 describes step 4. Specifically, Section 3 focuses on Critical Infrastructures in Health, and analyses the security needs of the Hospital Clinic de Barcelona (HCB at http://www.hospitalclinic.org/en); Section 4, focuses on Critical infrastructures in environment monitoring, and analyses security issues of CSI Piemonte (Consortium for Information Systems, is a large ICT organisation founded in 1977 by the regional administration of Piemonte, the Torino Municipality and the two universities of Torino, at http://www.csipiemonte.it/web/it/); Section 5 addresses Critical Infrastructures in Transportation, and analyses the security needs of Deutsche Bahn (the biggest railway company in Germany, at https://www.bahn.de/p_en/view/index.shtml). Each of the sections describes not only the specific security characteristics but also the list of security requirements and the equipment to be protected.