Comsec Global LTD

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    For three decades our unique talent base, professional excellence, deep technical capabilities and access to cutting edge technologies, has enabled us to assist a wide range of leading organizations overcome their security challenges. As an industry leader, we constantly expand the scope of our services and cultivate the unique skills and expertise of our talented experts who are graduates of elite Israel’s Cyber Intelligence & Defence Units.

    We act as trusted advisor to clients operating in a wide range of industries including, global financial institutions, e-commerce, government agencies, technology, communication and the healthcare sector. With 140 security experts, we offer end-to-end services, best of breed capabilities, creative mind-set and an extremely quick response time.

    We continually strive to maintain our position as thoughts leader in the Cyber & Information Security arena and stay abreast of the latest security threats and trends. With offices in London, Amsterdam and an Excellence Center in Tel Aviv, Comsec supports pan-European and global corporations. Our innovative services are provided globally to over 600 clients, across 5 continents.
  • Project role:

    Comsec is the overall security consultant for the CIPSEC project. Comsec offers its extensive research and practical experience in Information and Cyber security to the CIPSEC project, that will assist in forming the CI security framework. Comsec will have vast contribution to all of the different WPs, and lead WP5.

  • Contact points: Amir Atzmon , Head of International Account Management
    • Role: Project manager for COMSEC
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    Gil Cohen , CTO
    • Role: Project Technical leader for COMSEC
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