CIPSEC will be at SafeComp 2017

Tuesday, September 12, 2017
(Trento, Italy)

CIPSEC will be at SafeComp 2017 (Intl. Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability and Security) represented by Deutsche Bahn AG and Technische Universität Darmstadt.

SAFECOMP was established in 1979 by the European Workshop on Industrial Computer Systems, Technical Committee 7 on Reliability, Safety and Security (EWICS TC7). Since then, it has contributed to the progress of the state-of-the-art in dependable application of computers in safety-related and safety-critical systems. SAFECOMP is an annual event covering the state-of-the-art, experience and new trends in the areas of safety, security and reliability of critical computer applications.

SAFECOMP provides ample opportunity to exchange insights and experience on emerging methods, approaches and practical solutions. It is a single track conference without parallel sessions, allowing easy networking.

CIPEC stakeholders C. Schlehuber from DB AG, and M. Heinrich, S. Katzenbeisser and N. Suri from TUD, are authors of the paper "A Security Architecture for Railway Signalling " accepted to be presented at this conference.

We present the proposed security architecture Deutsche Bahn plans to deploy to protect its trackside safety-critical signalling system against cyber-attacks. We first present the existing reference interlocking system that is built using standard components. Next, we present a tax- onomy to help model the attack vectors relevant for the railway environ- ment. Building upon this, we present the proposed “compartmentalized” defence concept for securing the upcoming signalling systems.