CIPSEC Training Sessions on Youtube

(Crete, Greece)

1st CIPSEC Critical Infrastructure Protection Training Sessions were held 3rd of July 2017 in Heraklion, Crete in parallel with the 22nd ISCC 2017 conference. A number of tutorials were presented by CIPSEC partners and more than 50 experts from around the world participated in the tutorial sessions.

Thanks to FORTH, who supported the event, we have the opportunity to record these sessions and the videos of tutorials presented are available at CIPSEC YouTube channel

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  • Course #1: Securing Critical Infrastructures through hardware means: Strong points and weaknesses of Hardware security tokens – UOP

    Presenter(s): Apostolos P. Fournaris (University of Patras) Adjunct Assistant Professor, Senior Researcher.

  • Course #2: Honeypots - FORTH

    Presenter(s): Antonis Krithinakis (FORTH), Christos Papachristos (FORTH), Manos Athanatos (FORTH)

  • Course #3: DDoS attacks on critical infrastructures – COMSEC

    Presenter(s): Omri Sagron, Cyber Security Consultant @ COMSEC

  • Course #4: Digital Forensics – AEGIS

    Presenter(s): Vassilis Prevelakis, Professor of Embedded Systems Security, TU Braunschweig, Germany.

  • Course #5: A gentle introduction to advanced anonymization of databases – UPC

    Presenter(s): Ahmad Mezher, UPC