CIPSEC Training at Deutsche Bahn

Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Frankfurt, Germany

The CIPSEC Consortium organized a training session addressed to Deutsche Bahn staff, held in DB premises in Frankfurt.

The event started with two presentations by Jasmin Cosic (DB) and Stefan Katzenbeisser addressing the challenge of securing railway infrastructures, with security, safety and enabling the digitalization of the railway systems as main objectives. The specific case of Deutsche Bahn was presented.

Deutsche Bahn elaborated on their interest to participate to the CIPSEC project and this led to the initial presentations about the project itself and the framework, with special focus on the reference architecture for critical infrastructure protection and the CIPSEC dashboard as the contact point for the user to interact with the platform. Rub?n Trapero (ATOS), Pau Marcer (UPC) and Eva Mar?n (UPC) were the speakers during these presentations.

Once the dashboard was presented, it was used as common reference for the presentations about the different CIPSEC components that make up the previously presented architecture: Rodrigo D?az (ATOS) presented the XL-SIEM, Vlad Ursu (Bitdefender) presented Gravity Zone,
Panagiotis Sifniadis (Empelor) presented the Secocard, Olmo Ray?n (Worldsensing) presented DosSensing, Leonidas Kalipolitis (AEGIS) presented the Forensics Visualization Tool, and Manos Athanatos (FORTH) presented the honeypots.

Then Deutsche Bahn took again the floor and Dominik Renkel presented some insights about the testing experiences on the CIPSEC pilot run at DB premises in Darmstadt, Germany.

Finally, Antonio Álvarez (ATOS) presented the future activities till the end of the project in April 2019.