CIPSEC Glossary

This glossary gathers all the acronyms in the submitted deliverables until month M18:

  • D1.1 CI base security characteristics and market analysis report
  • D1.2 Report on functionality building blocks
  • D1.3 Report on taxonomy of the CI environments
  • D2.1 CIPSEC System design
  • D2.2 CIPSEC Unified Architecture – First Internal Release
  • D2.3 CIPSEC products integration on the Unified Architecture
  • D2.4 CIPSEC services integration on the Unified Architecture
  • D3.1 Preliminary Pilot I Integration: Incident Discovery and Response for Railway use case
  • D3.2 Preliminary Pilot II Integration: Hospital’s Operational Technology Management System use case
  • D3.3 Preliminary Pilot III Integration: Air quality Monitoring System use case
  • D3.4 CIPSEC Intra/Interdependencies Analysis Preliminary Report
  • D5.1 Dissemination plan and market analysis
  • D5.2 CIPSEC annual report on exploitation, dissemination andstandardization (Year 1)