[CIPSEC] First successful Technical Review

Wednesday, November 22, 2017
(Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Spain)

The first CIPSEC review meeting, covering months 1-18 of the project, has taken place on November 22nd, at the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona (HCB) in Barcelona. The review meeting has been led by our Project Officer Cristina Longo, assisted by Jose Araujo (from the French Network and Information Security Agency) and Filipe Caldeira (from the Escola Superior de Tecnologia de Viseu).

Sotiris Ioannidis from FORTH setting the grounds of CIPSEC.

The consortium has presented the progress and the results achieved during the first project phase to the EC, including an early prototype demo of the CIPSEC framework, which integrates different CIPSEC security solutions and performing several kind of tests and attacks to show the CIPSEC framework reacts.

Omri Sagron (COMSEC) and Joaquin Rodriguez (ATOS) performing the early prototype demo showing solutions integration within the framework.

The consortium also prepared an on-site demo of the Health pilot. Healthcare critical infrastructures represent a very special and specific operation environment, with many peculiarities (incredible amount of brands, models and configurations for every purpose and preference, notable multivendor dependence, high complexity, strict safety and confidentiality regulations, …).

CIPSEC deployment for Hospital Clinic during the review

The Clinic Demo was made using real medical equipment in a test lab avoiding the risk of having to interrupt the continued provision of healthcare services to ensure the integrity of patients, their data or their treatments as a result of direct cyber-attacks on devices or systems that were planned to be carried out.

Antonio Alvarez (ATOS) overseeing Health Pilot Demo preparation in the Hospital Clinic's test lab

Finally, the result of the review was very positive for the next phase of the project, collecting useful comments from the Review Committee in the discussions that will absolutely contribute to improve the success of the CIPSEC project.