CIPSEC Exploitation Workshop in Frankfurt

Thursday, October 18, 2018
Frankfurt, Germany

CIPSEC partners joined their efforts during two days to work on the business cases of both the individual solutions and the framework. The exploitation workshop, delivered by Ignasi Garcia-Mila Vidal and Denis Guilhot, was organised by Worldsensing and took place at DB facilities in Frankfurt am Main on the 18th and 19th of October.

In a first session, with around 20 participants, the individual business cases were presented, reviewed and assessed. Three additional sessions were dedicated to each of the three verticals of the project: Health, Environment Monitoring and Rail. For each vertical, the empathy map was collaboratively developed, and the business canvas filled in, under the expert supervision of our pilot owners HCPB, CSI and DB.

These inputs, together with the results of the exploitation survey circulated two months before, will allow us to develop the business plans for six individual commercial products, the three market verticals catered to by the project and the free version of the CIPSEC framework, which will be presented to the public in deliverable D5.5.