CIPSEC Eighth General Assembly in Barcelona

Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Barcelona (Spain)

Hosted by HCPB, the CIPSEC Consortium was holding a General Assembly in the city of Barcelona (Spain) on January 22nd-23rd-24th 2019.
These days several events took place: a training course was offered to the HCPB staff; the follow-up meeting with the Advisory Board took place and the Consortium received very relevant pieces of advice to really make the project stand out; an on-site testing session took place at the HCPB pilot site and also another testing session was carried out to fix and improve things in the prototype. In the regular sessions, the running WPs were reviewed with a special focus on exploitation and the status of the integration of products and services, which was thoroughly reviewed.
All in all, the meeting was productive and the Consortium faces the final months of the project in good shape, with a clear roadmap in mind.