CIPSEC is an Innovation Project lasting 36 Months (May 2016 - April 2019), as necessary to achieve its ambitious objectives regarding development, integration, pilot implementation and validation. The workplan is structured into three areas:

  • CIPSEC Framework design and development: Starting from the very beginning this area is responsible for all analysis, design and development activities, aiming at putting together the whole set of contributions defining the CIPSEC solution for the three envisioned pilots.
  • Deployment, integration, evaluation and validation: This area relates to the deployment of the integrated CIPSEC solution seeking for a comprehensive project evaluation, turning into a full validation of the proposed CIPSEC platform.
  • Dissemination, standards, exploitation and business models exploration: This area focuses on the creation of a dissemination plan for the broad promotion of the project findings and results, and the creation of an exploitation plan including joint and individual activities. It will also explore market and business opportunities for the proposed platform.
    Besides, as a cross activity the project management will make sure that the activities are executed in a smooth and coordinated manner, in order to obtain the best results out of the project.