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    The creation of AEGIS IT RESEARCH LTD was motivated by the realisation that innovation in computer science is driven by gifted individuals who are allowed to pursue their vision. A lot of effort is wasted supporting antiquated structures and paradigms with little relevance to the needs of the citizens and industry.

    The public sector in particular, is mostly lagging behind the private sector, and is in grave need of mature unbiased guidance in deploying IT in a manner that, on one hand preserves the privacy of the citizens, while improving rather than complicating the lives of both civil servants and citizens.

    Hence, the objectives of AEGIS Research include these two areas:

    1. Primarily we want to provide the seeds for world class Computer Science research. AEGIS obviously cannot do this on its own. But it can create a sandbox where researchers can concentrate on what they do best rather than wasting their time dealing with project-related paperwork. Our goal is to provide an environment with minimal red tape (and staff to shelter researchers from bureaucratic tedium) and European-class remuneration (while the center will provide bridging funds to help researchers deal with lack of funding between projects, we strongly believe in researchers receiving funds from the projects that they work on).

      AEGIS is not trying to make huge profits out of research, nor does it need money to support a huge administrative structure (we believe that the effectiveness of administration is inversely proportional to its size), so we are free to channel most of our resources to our researchers. We also do not believe in bricks-and-mortar. Huge labs are seldom necessary in computer science where processing power and storage can be rented from the cloud, while access to up-to-date publications is available via on-line digital libraries.

    2. Our second goal is to provide unbiased advice and assistance to the public sector. This can be achieved by having AEGIS function as a think tank offering proposals and IT-related advice to various government departments, and as a software development facility providing advanced software systems that help towards achieving the goals of effective and secure e-government.

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    AEGIS will bring on board its strong experience for detecting intrutions and implmenting Digital forensics and respective Visualization tools (from TRL 5 to TRL 7). AEGIS forensics tool will enhance the analysis of data while the illegal activity is ongoing.

  • Contact point: Prof. Vassilis Prevelakis, Director of AEGIS
    • Role: Representative of AEGIS in all CIPSEC activities. Strong experience in in various areas of security in Systems and Networks both in his current academic capacity and as a freelance consultant.
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United Kingdom