Introduction to Digital Forensics

Introduction to Digital Forensics

This post was written by Ilias Spais , Senior IT Project Manager and researcher. AEGIS IT Research

(Athens, Greece), Dec. 18th

Digital Forensics: the term

Generally, the definition of digital forensics is “…the application of science to the identification, collection, examination, and analysis of data while preserving the integrity of the information and maintaining a strict chain of custody for the data". 1

Critical Infrastructures and Public Administrations

This post was written by Barbara Lunel, Project Manager at CSI-Piemonte.

Piemonte (Italy), May 16th

Last year has resulted as the worst ever recorded for cybersecurity with significative impacts for the victims in terms of economical and reputation damage as well as disclosure of sensitive data.

Cybercrime and Cyberwarfare attacks resulted at the highest level in the last 6 years, particularly in the last year they are tripled.

Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity: the crude reality (II/II)

The cybersecurity context: Smart City & IIoT Second part of 2

Barcelona, Apr. 19th

The company WORLDSENSING has written this article for the CIPSEC PROJECT BLOG.

WOS has divided the article into two blog posts: this is the second and final part. In this article, you will find out how cyberattackers can use JAMMER technology to penetrate a nuclear power station system and we will explain how the CIPSEC project aims to counteract them.