CIPSEC presented at the EU-Rail ISAC Meeting in Frankfurt

The CIPSEC project was invited to give a presentation in the context of the EU-Rail ISAC Meeting held at Deutsche Bahn premises in Frankfurt. This meeting counted on the participation of representatives from DB Netz AG, Bane Danmark, EIM Rail, Infrabel, SBB, the Swiss Rail Administration, European Commission, ENISA, ERA, Hit Rail, BaneNOR, Finish Railways, Slovenia Railways and ProRail.

CIPSEC motivation, explained with cartoons!

Any project has a motivation. The CIPSEC partners are engaged in an exciting adventure to solve a major and complex challenge. To raise more awareness about the project, the CIPSEC Consortium has produced a new video, explaining in a friendly and understandable way the cybersecurity challenge critical infrastructure operators are facing and presenting CIPSEC as a proposed solution to bridge the existing gaps.

New deliverable

The CIPSEC Consortium has released deliverable D4.2, entitled "System ready for validation activities". This document reports the efforts done to make sure that everything works correctly in the three deployments done in the respective pilots. In addition, the list of tests to perform in the pilots is updated and enlarged. Finally, the three pilots provide some feedback regarding the deployment process pointing out some suggestions for improvement, with the solution providers eventually providing answers on how to achieve such improvements