New deliverable

The CIPSEC Consortium has released deliverable D4.2, entitled "System ready for validation activities". This document reports the efforts done to make sure that everything works correctly in the three deployments done in the respective pilots. In addition, the list of tests to perform in the pilots is updated and enlarged. Finally, the three pilots provide some feedback regarding the deployment process pointing out some suggestions for improvement, with the solution providers eventually providing answers on how to achieve such improvements

CIPSEC presented at the SAINT Workshop

The SAINT workshop gathered representatives of several EU projects in the fields of cybersecurity and privacy. It took place in Athens, at the premises of NCSR Demokritos. CIPSEC was presented by Manos Athanatos (FORTH) in a nice talk that attracted the interest of the audience. The workshop was a good opportunity for the exchange of knowledge and ideas and boost synergies among projects.
The details of the presentation given can be found in the link below

CIPSEC Project presented at the 54th TF-CSIRT meeting

The 54th TF-CSIRT meeting took place on 24th and 25th May in Warsaw, Poland, kindly hosted by CERT-OPL and CERT.PL. During this meeting, and in the context of a presentation of the involvement of FORTH in different cooperation projects, Panos Chatziadam provided a quick overview of the CIPSEC project, presenting what the project is about, the main challenges and goals and the outcomes obtained for the time being. The presentation raised big interest in the audience, what permitted to increase the impact of CIPSEC outside the Consortium.

New deliverables

The CIPSEC Consortium has released 10 new Deliverables, corresponding to the April 2018 milestone, upon conclusion of the second year of the project. These deliverables have been added to the CIPSEC website. A brief description of each deliverable is provided below:

CIPSEC will be at IEEE HOST 2018

CIPSEC will be at IEEE HOST 2018 (IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust ) represented by University of Patras

IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust (HOST) aims to facilitate the rapid growth of hardware-based security research and development. HOST highlights new results in the area of hardware and system security. Relevant research topics include techniques, tools, design/test methods, architectures, circuits, and applications of secure hardware.