Enhancing Critical Infrastructure Protection with innovative SECurity framework

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Unified security framework for Critical Infrastructures

CIPSEC will allow easy integration of heterogeneous systems to its framework with reduced adjustment, notably anomaly detection, anti-malware, cyber-security detection and prevention, distributed denial of service, and hardware security platforms.

CIPSEC will collect and process input from multiple sources and will provide monitoring for the complete Critical Infrastructure.

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Additional services: Security ecosystem

CIPSEC will offer a complete set of additional services to reliably support the proposed technical solutions at a professional demanding level, among which industrial control system vulnerability tests, studies for cascade effect attacks, contingency plans, and innovative forensics analysis are included.

Training courses and certification will be also provided.

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Transportation, Health and Environment monitoring pilots

Through the identification of a requirements baseline for security and resilience within pilots, CIPSEC will be endorsed under true conditions and real infrastructures.

CIPSEC will supply an overall solution, suitable for transportation, health and environment sectors both at module level (for each industry and security facet) and at system level (the complete framework).

Latest updates

CIPSEC will be at TrustCom-18 (The 17th IEEE International Conference On Trust, Security And Privacy In Computing And Communications) represented by University of Darmstadt (TUD)

Fostering CIPSEC project partnership with other related projects, Rodrigo Díaz from ATOS will present CIPSEC at CyberWatching.euConcertation meeting.

CIPSEC will be at CIoT’18 (IEEE International Symposium on on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks ) represented by Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) and ATOS

CIPSEC will be at IEEE Smartcomp 2018 (4th IEEE International Conference on Smart Computing ) represented by University of Darmstadt (TUD) and ATOS

CIPSEC will be at IEEE WoWMoM 2018 (IEEE International Symposium on on a World of Wireless, Mobile and Multimedia Networks ) represented by University of Darmstadt (TUD)

CIPSEC will be at IEEE HOST 2018 (IEEE International Symposium on Hardware Oriented Security and Trust ) represented by University of Patras

CIPSEC project will be presented by Ilias Spais (AEGIS) at the H2020 Clustering workshop organized by H2020 ReCRED on January 31st, in Athens.

The first CIPSEC review meeting, covering months 1-18 of the project , will take place tomorrow, November 22, at Hospital Clínic de Barcelona (HCB) in Barcelona. The review meeting will be lead by Cristina Longo.

This October, the CIPSEC consortium were busy working on seven new deliverables. We have added these deliverables (D2.2, D2.3, D2.4, D.3.1, D3.2, D3.3 and D3.4) to the CIPSEC website. A brief description of each deliverable is provided below:

CIPSEC will be at DSD 2017 (Euromicro Conference on Digital System Design ) represented by University of Patras